Choose Diem for your muscle needs! For moving items within your home, or to save money to move to your new home! We’re here to help! We offer affordable rates, convenient and secure on-demand services throughout 20 major cities across America. You work too hard, seize the day with Diem!  

This package includes Muscles Service by 2 People. Please select the number of Hours needed. 

What's Included?

Our Diemer will load, unload, and move all items of your choice for the time ordered!

What's Not Included? 

Diem is not liable for any damages or loss, we highly recommend to keep valuable items with you at all times. The Diemer does not provide transportation services. The Diemer does not come equipped with item wrapping, mats, or a dolly. The Diemer will not attempt to perform anything dangerous.

What You Can Expect From Us? 

The Diemer will strive to provide an excellent and diligent service;  loading, unloading, and moving all items of your choosing.

What We Can Expect From You? 

You will reimburse the Diemer for any parking tickets needed to access your home. You are paying for the time: loading unloading and travel time. Ensure all items are sufficiently wrapped and that they can fit in the spaces you are requesting them to be migrated to. You are assuming liability in the case of possible damages. As we are not responsible for damages and loss, small and expensive valuables with you at all times.

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Choose Diem for your home cleaning needs! We offer affordable rates, convenient and secure on-demand services throughout 30 major cities. You
work too hard, seize the day with Diem!

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